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Reviews & Testimonials

Dental Assistant School Review – What Our Students Say

We like hearing from our current students and their Dental Assistant School review on how our teachers are doing. Here are a few words from our students on what they thought about the class and teachers.

One student, Jeremiah V., said that he really liked how she was learning new things and that the hands-on experience would give him the chance to learn the procedures and what to expect from a dentist.

Another student , Annie B., said that “as the class moved on she gained confidence in the skills she was learning and she now believes in herself.”

All of our students wrote that they loved the teachers in each class that they have took so far. They listen to the students and felt very strongly about how each teacher would give them one-on-one time if they needed the extra help. They also said that the communication was amazing with the staff and that they couldn’t wait to graduate to put their new skills to the test.

If you want to gain a career in just 13-weeks like our current students then simply email, call (714) 882-5518 or come visit the dental assisting school today!

Eric M. Meyer, DDS

Found a Job that I Could Grow In

Found a JobI had a great experience doing the infection control class. I was looking for a job and received help from Noha and found a job that I could grow in.

I learned skills that can help myself and everyone else about how to control infections.

– says Jessica D.

Very Informative Staff

Very informative staffFullerton Dental Assistant School had very informative staff and a very nice office.

Our instructor was very friendly and energetic which made things so much easier.

I really learned that you need to follow protocol to help protect yourself and also patients.

– says Alexis R.

Great hands-on experience

Great hands on experienceGreat hands-on experience along with nice friendly staff. I really enjoyed the skills test and having to work with others.

Teacher feedback was very important and they did an amazing job at that. I learned so many valuable skills that can be used as a dental assistant.

I really like how we learned how to set up and clean a room to help improve patient flow.

– says Justin K.

Dentist Assisting Job Already before Graduation

dentist assisting job

I am very excited about everything this school has to offer. Even though I am still attending the program I have a dentist assisting job already before graduation.

I am very excited and thankful that the staff are here to help the students.

I love the fact that the program is really short and that you are being showed what dentists want to know.

– says Veronica L. from La Habra, CA

Dental Assisting Class – I Honestly Loved It!

dental assisting class

I really looked forward to coming to dental assisting class every weekend. I honestly loved it!

Our first day of class when we did a little prayer was something that I felt was very special.

I really learned that I could believe in myself since I used to always doubt myself a lot before. Ms. Abby and Noha were always positive and they helped students when needed.

– says Cindy G. from La Habra, CA.

Dental Assistant Teaching is Top Quality

Dental Assistant Teaching

The dental assistant teaching is top quality and really gives us the skills needed to be the best dental assistant we can be.

I am very pleased with Ms Abby’s details to attention when lecturing. I am very happy that the class was small in size so that everyone can get the attention they need.

Learning to take x-rays without any experience in the hands on part of class was amazing.

– says Claudias B.

Dental Assistant Training School – Very Happy

dental assistant training school

I am very happy to be in this dental assistant training school.

I was very happy with the x-ray portion  of this class.

I really appreciate everything that the teachers did for the students.

– says Anzhela

Dental Assistant Hands-On

dental assistant hands

I am very pleased with my experience here at this school.

I am very happy with the environment and I enjoy the perfect balance of book work and hands-on.

I really liked how detailed the lessons were.

– Zach C.

Good Learning Environment

Good LearningI felt that Fullerton Dental Assistant School was a good learning environment and I felt very comfortable there. I was truly happy with the hands on teaching and training. I also like the fact that this school works with personal schedules which makes things a lot easier.

One benefit that I got out of this class is knowing CPR is something that everyone should know. I got this knowledge and can use it anywhere and that will be a great benefit to me and others.

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– says Juan V. from Santa Ana, CA.