I Enjoyed Interning

enjoyed interningI enjoyed interning in this office. It is so professional and the staff is calm and patient. I really learned a lot from them. The biggest benefit is that I was hired by them. Working at their office has been one of the best experiences.” says Ariel when asked about her experience.

Ariel also said “I feel confident and comfortable with working in a dental office because of all the material we went over.

The best thing I found about the school is that it has small classes, so you get more involved. We had more opportunity to ask any questions we had.”

Ariel G. from Whittier ,CA

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  1. For all out there that want to better themselves this program was a blessing to me I loved the teachers and all the experince that I attained from the extership. I recommend for anybody that has a job during the week and believes that school is not something they can fit in their schedule. The school hours were great for me since I was working at the time. I was able to find a job right after I graduated.Most of all I am loving what I do and I feel great about myself.

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