Time for a New Career !

It is time for a new career as a dental assistant? Just read what some of our students are saying about the Fullerton Dental Assistant School curriculum.

“I enjoyed interning in this office. It is so professional and the staff is calm and patient. I really learned a lot from them. The biggest benefit is that I was hired by them. Working at their office has been one of the best experiences.” says Ariel G. from Whittier, CA

time for a new career

“For all out there that want to better themselves this program was a blessing to me I loved the teachers and all the experience that I obtained from the externship. I was able to find a job right after I graduated. Most of all I am loving what I do and I feel great about myself.” says Ana A. from Fontana, CA

“I loved the experience, I’m so glad that i was able to attend this school. Being able to take this program has been amazing because I have been able to do the internship hours with the RDA’s and they have been so helpful. I also loved learning about the proper way to be safe.” says Jennifer A. from Newport Beach, CA.

If it is time for a new career – all you need to do is contact Fullerton Dental Assistant School via Email or call (714) 882-5518 today !  We are happy to help.

Eric M. Meyer, DDS

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